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Prosecco has become the drink of choice for many thanks partly to the popularity of the Aperol Spritz cocktail. This light and fresh sparkling wine is made from a grape of the same name and it undergoes a secondary fermentation in tank to give it its fizz. The wines are produced for drinking young and they tend to have notes of pear, white flowers, apple and citrus.

They are perfect for an aperitif or with a fresh summer salad. A great base for simple cocktails they are versatile and can be great value for money.

Those that come from Valdobbiadene, the spiritual home of Prosecco, have now been given DOCG status the highest classification in Italy for wines. These tend to be of higher quality and more concentrated in flavour. It is now also permitted to call the rosé sparkling wines of Veneto Prosecco, and these are a nice alternative to the classic styles.


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