Our 10 favourite liqueurs of the month

Chosen by Whisky Exchange co-founder Sukhinder Singh and head buyer Dawn Davies MW

  • Mr Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur

    70cl / 23%

    5 (6 Reviews)

    Mr Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur

    Mr Black Cold Press Coffee Liqueur hails from Australia. There are only two ingredients: Australian grain spirit and Arabica coffee beans from Papua New Guinea, Kenya and El Salvador. Big and bold, but not too bitter, this works a treat either on its own with ice, or in an Espresso Martini.

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    • Vanilla Vanilla
    • Lemon Lemon
    • Dark Chocolate Dark Chocolate
    • Coffee Coffee


    $46.69 per litre

  • King's Ginger Liqueur / Berry Bros & Rudd / Half Litre

    50cl / 29.9%

    3 (61 Reviews)

    King's Ginger Liqueur / Berry Bros & Rudd / Half Litre

    Now made in England at a lower strength, with the warmth provided by extra ginger in the recipe, this unique liqueur was created for King Edward VII to keep him warm on drives in his new open top Daimler car. The distinctive smooth ginger flavour is perfectly balanced by a pleasingly clean, dry finish.

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    • Ginger Ginger
    • Lemon Lemon


    $53.68 per litre

  • Cointreau Liqueur

    70cl / 40%

    4.5 (5 Reviews)

    Cointreau Liqueur

    Classic crystal-clear liqueur - based on a blend of sweet and bitter orange peels. Cointreau's iconic square bottle can be found in virtually every bar in the world.

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    $37.13 per litre

  • Bumbu Cream Liqueur

    70cl / 15%

    Bumbu Cream Liqueur

    A sweet cream liqueur from Bumbu, made with a combination of Bumbu rum, sweet spices and rich cream, creating a decadent liqueur that is delicious over ice or as part of your favourite cocktail.

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    $46.69 per litre

  • Coole Swan / Irish Cream Liqueur

    70cl / 16%

    5 (81 Reviews)

    Coole Swan / Irish Cream Liqueur

    Coole Swan is a tasty cream liqueur made with single malt Irish whiskey, Belgian white chocolate and fresh cream. This is always a smash hit at our in-store customer tastings.

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    • Vanilla Vanilla
    • Milk Chocolate Milk Chocolate
    • Cream Cream


    $37.89 per litre

  • Muyu Chinotto Nero Liqueur

    50cl / 24%

    Muyu Chinotto Nero Liqueur

    Muyu Chinotto Nero is a modern liqueur, made using natural ingredients and inspired by the Amazon. Designed for use in cocktails, Muyu attempts to redefine the place of liqueurs behind the bar. Chinotto Nero is an opulent, zesty liqueur with notes of cinchona, oak moss, sweet oranges and the bitter Chinotto oranges used to flavour drinks like Campari. Inspired by the Amazon Rainforest, Muyu uses responsibly sourced ingredients and environmentally friendly techniques.

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    $63.24 per litre

  • Bruadar Malt Whisky Liqueur

    70cl / 24%

    5 (355 Reviews)

    Bruadar Malt Whisky Liqueur

    Relaunched in Autumn 2021 with a new presentation and a new recipe, Bruadar Single Malt Whisky Liqueur is made with a combination of Scottish honey, sloe berries and single malt whisky, creating a balanced character that shows off the rich honey and sweet fruit notes. Enjoy this liqueur on its own over ice, in a cocktail or even as a cooking ingredient.

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    • Honey Honey


    $39.40 per litre

  • Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream

    75cl / 15%

    5 (12 Reviews)

    Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream

    Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream is a sumptuous marriage of Kentucky bourbon and cream. This makes a delicious float – just add one part to two parts root beer, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

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    $25.44 per litre

  • The Dubliner Irish Whiskey Liqueur

    70cl / 30%

    5 (59 Reviews)

    The Dubliner Irish Whiskey Liqueur

    A deluxe Irish whiskey-based liqueur, the James Joyce-inspired Dubliner is a blend of honeycomb, caramel and whiskey flavours. Perfect for sweet-toothed whiskey fans.

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    $35.61 per litre

  • Sipsmith Sloe Gin

    50cl / 29%

    4.5 (8 Reviews)

    Sipsmith Sloe Gin

    One of Sipsmith's most successful releases – a sweet, fruity and complex sloe gin. Made from their award-winning gin and rather a lot of sloe berries it's a rich liqueur that's great for summer drinking on ice or nursing in front of the fire in winter.

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    • Marzipan Marzipan
    • Plums Plums


    $53.04 per litre